Days of Dreams Come True

Do people call you a dreamer?  While you dream, do you do something to make your dreams happen?  Despite obstacles or nay saying, are you the optimist who goes for the gold?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  Please hang out. 

Dreams—part of what makes life worth living.  Pursuing them feeds the spirit.  As a wife, I’m fed by dreams I have for my husband and me.  As a mother, I’m fed by dreams for my daughter.  As an individual, I’m fed by dreams of pursuing my passions.   

I’ve created this part of the website to inspire those who want to live their dreams.  

I’ve found that the simple act of talking about dreams, of opening up to others about pursuing my passions, gives me a way to frame my thoughts, to buoy myself up, to sustain myself over the peaks and through the valleys.  I feel like I’m sailing through the clouds on a magic carpet, or flying over London with Peter Pan.  But I love company, so I don’t want to take this journey alone.  Through this website I hope others will come along.   

You’re cordially invited.   

Check out my blog where (among other things) I talk about pursuing dreams.  I hope you’ll find some inspiration there.  I also hope you’ll make comments to share how you pursue your dreams.  In that way, we can inspire each other. 

Days of dreams come true. This phrase reflects my personal philosophy.  I believe that even before what we long for grows into reality, we still live our dreams.  Though we strive to make good things happen in the future, we live in the here and now.  Consciously living—and truly feeling—what is happening right now is the key to living our dreams.  In that way, as we stretch ourselves and walk the path of progress, we appreciate the gifts we receive at each step.  Personal growth.  Learning.  Increased compassion.  Deeper understanding.  Friendships, old and new.  Now are the days of our dreams come true. 

See you on my blog.