Projects in Progress

My current projects include two books intended as single titles.  Both manuscripts are complete and ready for review. 

Borrowed Tango 

A contemporary romance—90,000 words 

Borrowed Tango is the story of a hot shot management consultant and devoted daughter-turned-owner of a ballroom dance studio who resists the love of her top student, the son of an Italian aristocrat, only to find that he holds the key to keeping her most sacred vow—and, by the way—to following her dreams. 

Francine Wentworth has vowed to fulfill her dying father’s wish—run his ballroom dance studio and win for it the Academy Award of ballroom dance.  Pietro Bellini is her top dancer, defying his father by applying to medical school instead of returning to Venice to join his father’s bank.  When Pietro quits her studio and joins the arch rival whose owner uses every dirty trick in the book, can Francine keep her solemn vow? 


Lost Mountain 

A work of women’s fiction—100,000 words 

On a ski slope at the bottom of the Matterhorn, when the dashing and poetic Italian, Tommaso Sandini accidentally plows brilliant and feisty Claudia Kelly down, neither imagines that the ensuing avalanche will reverberate across two continents and twenty five years. 

Lost Mountain is a big, emotional read, a sweeping love story set in New York and California, and in Rome and the Amalfi Coast. This novel tells the story of a young career woman wounded by the loss of her younger brother and parents, and of her child through miscarriage, and the intentional sacrifice of her life’s greatest love. 

The tale is one of love and devotion, deception and disappointment, but also of poetry and hope. As Claudia grows to face the secrets of her past and accept her own flaws, she is empowered to embrace life and love. In the end, her enduring goodness and strength prevail, proving that it is never too late for a woman to reclaim herself, find true family, or rediscover love.